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Objective of Data Science Preparation

We aim to help individuals prepare for Research Scientists, Research Engineers, Data scientists roles at top tech companies like:

With the recent change in the industry, we now see many Data Science/Machine Learning roles openings. Preparing for Data Science/Machine Learning specific interviews is challenging as the field is vast. Unlike software engineering standardization, different companies have their sole system of testing ML-specific skills.
The Data science preparation guide aims to help you prepare for Machine Learning interviews. Our site consists of frequently asked company-specific and domain-specific questions with detailed explanations. We are in the process of adding 100+ Questions in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Science, and 10+ Case Studies which can help you get a better grip over Machine Learning/Deep Learning approaches.

What will you get?

Free of Cost platform for data science/machine learning-related interview preparation.

Deep understanding of core algorithms implementation.

Ability to tackle ML case study interviews on your own.

We add new questions and case studies every week. To stay up to date, consider signing up to our platform. If you have any recommendations on topics/questions we should cover, please send us your suggestions at: Contribute your Question

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